While we'd like to list every business we can on this website big or small, there are a few details we need to keep our directory consistent and effective. To be eligible for a listing you or your business should:
  • Already be operating online.
  • To have made some sort of adaption to the online space to show your social distancing measures and innovation to your business.
  • Be within the Greater Western area of Sydney. [ See description / map ]
  • Be a sole-trader, artist, performer or a small to medium business.
Special Circumstances to larger business or outside business may be considered if the offering in some way benefits the small guys or West Sydney region within reason.

No at this point the listing is completely FREE for any business. These are hard times and we are not trying to make any profit but to lift each other up - as they say:

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

Once normal trading resumes for all businesses we aim to adapt and evolve this directory with improved features and premium offers. The message and motive will always remain the same though - to support local.

First of all we are a completely local directory specifically for the Greater Western Sydney area.

We are not interested in saturating the results with every applicant from all over the nation to gain some sort of market dominance. We are here to help band us together and keep as much business as local as possible. We are hoping that this directory connects us business owners together in service and support.

Also, as previously said, we are wanting to promote those that are taking action in their own business to adapt to the online space so that you can continue to serve the community and remain visible to your customers.

As we are still in very early stages of the website, we can only manually update the directory listings. If you need any details changed such as your trading hours, online offers, links or description please shoot us a message or send us an email at info@backthewest.com.au.

Of course we can!

We have a network of professionals at our fingertips ready to refer you on to to help you get your business online and connected. 

We are an online agency ourselves specialising in website design and development, as well as branding and graphic design and we have incredible friends to help us with marketing and business advice.

If you're unsure, just shoot us an email or contact us here and we should be able to offer our best advice as quick as possible.

We love hearing from what our businesses in the  community are doing to innovate and survive in the current times. We are all about empowering each other so we love to feature the stories that can inspire the rest of us to dig deep and adapt. 

We also love free professional business advice - If there's some current tips or strategies that your business can help with the wider community pull through, we'd love to hear it and would be happy to feature that kind of content as a guest post with a cheeky plug to your business or website for your deeper paid services.

If you've got something to share please send us an email or contact us here!

We are super busy! So please give us a few days to add you review your application and add it to the list. 

If, for any reason, you have not been added and we haven't contacted you about why, please shoot us a quick email to discuss!

We Are Here To Help!