Updating Your Google My Business Hours during the Lock-Downs

Updating Your Google Business Hours - Back The West

With the recent developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and lock-downs around NSW, there a few quick and important things you can do to let your customers know if you’ve made changes to your daily operations and are still open ( Just while we’re working on the directory in the meantime!)

Google My Business

If you currently have a Google My Business profile running at the moment (And you most certainly should, no matter what business you are!), then this is often the first thing your customers are seeing when they’re searching for your for your business or its services on Google. You know those big map results that come up when you search for something? Just like the below:

Tins & Wood

That’s it! And if you don’t have it set up, then you can manage it as a business owner when you sign up with a Google Account and download the App for Android or iPhone.
Give us a yell if you need a hand!

Once set up –  we recommend doing at least one of the following:

Have your opening hours changed?

If you’ve changed your hours, make sure that you inform customers.

Update opening hours

When should you use ‘special hours’ vs. ‘temporarily closed’?

If your business has specifically adjusted hours during this time or is temporarily closed for a period that is less than two weeks, you should use special hours. For longer extended closures you should use the temporarily closed status if you’re able to. There is no affect on your Google Rankings as Google has revised their system to account for this.

Update your business description

When customers search for you on Google, they’ll see your business description. Update it now to reflect any recent changes.

Update description

Create a post

Share more detailed and timely updates about your business through Posts.

Create a post

Is your phone number up to date?

People may want to contact you directly to ask questions. Make sure your phone number is correct.

Update phone number

If anyone needs help, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. The less confusion for everyone the better!

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