Who's behind this!?

We are a couple of local lads in the same position as most of the people in our community. We want to stick together, stimulate some energy and give back in the hopes of supporting our creatives, artists, performers, sole-traders and business owners.

Pat and I (Phil) are also the owners of Simple Media, a creative design agency both based in the Blue Mountains and operating out of Penrith.

We have built our business on our passion to create, design, and ultimately help realise each and every client’s dream of running their own business and supporting themselves, their goals and families – whether that’s been through branding, marketing or general business know-how. 

We have so many incredible mates and clients based throughout the West who are the backbones of our livelihood. We want to share the responsibility and use our skills in whatever way we can, to keep that ball rolling.

Keeping in mind that while this website is still very early in the works, we have some great plans to roll out in the hopes of feeding life into as many individuals and businesses as possible, through promotion and visibility of what your business is doing via the online world. 

This pandemic has caused us all to respond in ways that some of us haven’t ever thought of or planned for, so we’re here to help with the much needed adaption, get creative and figure this all out together.

Please let us know what you’re doing to keep yourselves in action!

We Are Here To Help!